In your neutral resting face are your lips open or closed?


Mine are open


Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you were brave for trying, and that you’ll be brave again. Because life is not easy, and sometimes you jump into the deep end, and you enjoy it; but eventually you have to swim back to the shallow end, getting to a place that isn’t where you wanted to be. Yet, perhaps you weren’t meant for that pool, maybe it was just training for something bigger, maybe you were getting ready for the ocean; the water that you were always meant to dive into.

You are brave; you might be back where you started, empty handed and alone… But you are gonna feel the crash of those waves, because you are not forgotten, and you are far more courageous than you know.

Sometimes you just need someone to say that you are brave, and that’s what I’m telling you now.

— T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via hopefisch)
"If you are struggling you are learning. No knowlege is easily acquired. The pain is not constant and won’t last forever, you will know how to overcome it when the time is right.”
— Odin to myself. (via elfoftheforest)
"I love that feeling. You know, the one you get when you take a deep breath and suddenly everything feels like it’s going to be okay. When you’re hopeless as can be, and life is going nowhere, there’s those moments we have every now and then where we just stop, and we get this feeling, that can’t be described, but you just.. you just feel like everything really is going to be okay. Like the world stopped spinning for a second, and everything was clear. I need more of those moments.”
— The X (via magiclena)

It’s only 2:30 and I’ve already lost motivation for the day. I hate my brain sometimes.